Interactive 3D Animation

'education for the games generation'

In education, new media technologies and forms are not a threat, or problems to be solved. They present an opportunity to transform the productivity of learning.

Real time character animation, 3D visualisations and 3D simulations can be integrated into other rich media streams, creating powerful new immersive processes through which learners can acquire knowledge and develop higher level thinking skills.

At Mennell Media, we are using these new media technologies to rethink content design for three of the pressing problems facing UK education: Literacy Education, Foreign Language Education and Science Education.

Along the way, we created a few animated 'friends' and a couple of new worlds to explore - for early literacy and early language tuition we have 'FruitPhonics' and for science education, a 'Nutrion and Digestion module for GCSE Biology, called 'Organisms.'

  • Interactive Content

  • Biology
    A Nutrition and Digestion module for GCSE biology integrates 3D simulations, 3D visualisations and an 3D animated soap opera.
  • Early Learning
    FruitPhonics is a rich interactive phonics experience that makes learning fun for children, parents and even teachers.
  • Technology

  • Technology
    learn to read with graphics technolgy
    Web 3D graphics through an ActiveX control for Internet Explorer and a client application for Windows PC's.
  • ICT Training
    interactive learning materials empower children and teachers
    ICT classroom innovation can be organic. Empower teachers with interactive learning materials that engages and motivates.
    • Resources

    • Learn about  Digestion from Eugene the Guru
    • Online teaching resource from the 'Nutrition and Digestion' module.

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