'Interactive 3D Character Animation Platform'

Preparing Pear for lipsync

Technology? Content? or Instructional Design?

Our 'platform' is all of the above. It is essentailly our internet 3D animation engine integrated into a browser environment. Add to this an editor application to enable integration of multiple media streams and add interactive elements, plus a lipsync tool and animation production workflow, and you have what we call 'the platform'.

...technology is an enabler....

We created an inegrated rich media environment that could render powerful 3D visualisations, compelling process simulations and engage young minds with humour and craziness, just the way they like it - while being rich in graphics quality and narrative style. Technology makes new kinds of compelling experiences possible. As the tools and navigation become an integral part of the learning process and the definition of 'content' becomes stretched, technology remains an enabler of experiences, the key is design.

...the student 'voice' is about articulation, expression and 'ownership'...

We looked to connect with the world that is emerging, the one they inhabit and within which they will evolve. Production values, form and usability (access) is the basis of the 'voice' a two way means of communication, articulation, expression and ownership. Modern youth culture is centred on communication, choice and control and as such they are central design issues.

The platform can be used to design for a very wide range of education and entertainment objectives. Distribution isthrough the internet, (for the client application or a more limited interactive browser based experience). Forms of our content can be produced for mobile devices (currently video, but our light graphics format would work very well on hand held graphics devices.)

'Splines, Patches and Character Animation '

  • Biology Module Screen Shot - Absorption of Nutrients into the villi that line the wall of the  small intestine
  • An interactive exploration of absorption.
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Splines, Patches and Organic deformation - engaging students with a low density graphics format

Character animation has the capacity to elicit a powerful emotional response from its audience.

Real time animation has a proven capacity for immersive experiences, as demonstrated by the games industry.

Our 3D graphics format is based on spline and patch technology, achiving the smooth look and organic deformation essential for the creation of compelling 3D character animation.

The surreal humour of the characters in 'Organisms,' our animated 'biological' soap opera, adds context and meaning to learning materials, while providing tutors with powerful hooks for classroom communication.

...complex learning paths and learning style adaptive framework.

Remarkable graphic simulations are integrated into the browser environment, offering insight into complex processes while facilitating the construction of complex learning paths and learning style adaptive framework. (multiple media streams).

Internet Interactive 3D

  • Editor Screenshot - programming interactivity for the absorption simulation
  • An interactive exploration of absorption.

A compelling online real time interactive 3D experience

Our graphics format achieves tiny file sizes compared to standard games formats, while maintaining a smooth look and organic deformations so essential for emotional engagement with 3D characters.

These features, when combined with the complex interactivie capacity inherent to real time 3D environments, makes our technology perfect for internet 3D animation applications.

...real time full screen interactive 3D character animation is a reality.

Our platform offers a framework to create compelling online experiences for learning and entertainment. Our Using our javascript based API, real time full screen interactive 3D character animation is a reality.

The editor: Rich Media Integration and Creative tools for learning

  • <Editor Screenshot - programming interactivity for the absorption simulation
  • With Text, 2D and 3D graphics, Video and real time 3D

Create your own interactive teaching assets

Our PC Client application is actually two programmes, a viewer, for the end user experience, and an editor, which is really an integration platform.

A full spectrum of media objects - real time 3D animation and visualisation, high quality 2D graphics, video, sound - integrated into a rich media database from which intuitive webs of interactive learning paths can be structured.

...programming interactivity can be as simple as filling out a few drop down boxes...

With our supported code 'snippets' programming interactivity can be as simple as filling out a few drop down boxes to apply properties to model groups. In this way different models, actions or entire choreographies can be dynamically linked to each other or to any object in the browser window. This affords immense design possibilitites. We can add logic and structure to individual animations, creating association and structural meaning.

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    • Eugene the Guru
    • Online teaching resource from the 'Nutrition and Digestion' module.

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